Front-End Web Developer

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March 1, 2023
Nicosia, Cyprus
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A full-time front-end web developer is required by Manson Software Group who would be working on a menu system for our company’s software. The candidate will be entrusted with designing and development of the menu. The main task is to create an input box which will take input from the user and store it in the memory for later use along with compression. This data will be then used by our back-end developer for additional features of the program. The front-end developer will be working in a then have to use the data for parsing and other requirements.


Knowledge about the prevailing standard data collection techniques is required so that collaboration with other developers is simplified. It would be of great importance if the candidate had been a front-end developer as a part of a team previously. Also, a minimum of two years’ experience in the area is required. The applicant must be able to handle the English menus correctly without any mistakes. Communication skills are necessary as weekly demonstrations to the senior developer are required.


A bachelors’ degree in software development or equivalent is necessary.

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