Fattoria Solidale del Circeo

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The Fattoria Solidale del Circeo is committed to integrating disabled and disadvantaged people into the world of work, producing a clear improvement in the quality of their lives. It is recognized at a regional and national level and every year it trains people with mental and cognitive disabilities for work. They result in excellent results through agricultural practice as this favors the acquisition of a great sense of responsibility and the awareness of becoming indispensable for something useful and real.

Our project allows these people to develop work skills and therefore to achieve psychological and income autonomy, a prerequisite for social inclusion. Furthermore, it offers them the opportunity to live most of the day in contact with nature, with all the psychophysical benefits that this brings. In this context, disabled people are able to enhance their abilities, feeling like protagonists of the production process. In a sector where respect for natural times is fundamental, the slower times of disabled people are normal and are no longer perceived as a handicap.

The protagonists of our project, supported by educators and psychologists, have acquired skills in tilling the soil, raising animals and processing products. The results obtained are excellent, as demonstrated by the high quality of the organic products grown. The marketing of the products serves to support the project, which is based on the concept of solidarity and not welfare.

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